Air Fright

Sea Freight Services

At Commander Cargo we provide you with competitive rates to/from all Egyptian and International Port, we handle all types of sea freight shipments from freight to custom clearance, warehousing and inland transport.

Here is what you need to know about Sea Freight:


Cheaper cost

The cost of shipping by sea is a lot cheaper compared to other modes of transportation

Good for Bulky Items

Shipping boats are equipped to carry all kinds of heavy and bulky items at a low cost

Good during bad Weather

During bad weathers when rail road and air travel are disrupted usually most people ship by sea

More Eco-Friendly

Shipping by sea has a lower carbon footprint than other modes of transportation, and ships require less fuel per distance compared to airplanes.


Shipping boats are designed to carry many kinds of hazardous and dangerous good and they are well equipped to keep the cargo, troop and ship safe.


There is no matter the size of your shipments, sea freight companies can usually contain your needs. Tinier shipments can be arranged in a group together with other cargo to fill a container, agreed for cost-sharing for the transportation services. Big cargoes can be fill in one or more containers, providing shippers incomparable bulk options.


Slow Speed

Ocean-freight is more time-consuming than other modes of transport it can take up to a month for a shipment to be delivered. In addition to travel time, in ocean freight, cargo would need to be stored and warehoused for longer as the custom clearance processes and Loading of containers usually takes long.


The risk of ships sinking or getting damaged is higher in sea transport, however with more advancement in the shipping industries accidents are constantly becoming less

Lack of Infrastructure

Since making and maintaining good ocean-freight network requires a big capital expenditure many counties have really bad to no infrastructure and are unable to receive large ships carrying cargo.


Many shipments get delayed hours or days in comparison to air freight where the scheduling is more accurate.

Types of Sea Freight

Full Container Load (FCL)

You can use this when you have enough cargo to cover the whole container, there are many types of container sizes and shapes to fit all your shipping needs.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

When you are shipping small amounts of cargo you can share the container space and costs and only pay for the space your cargo takes instead of the entire container.